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A Norse setting.

Humans are the dominant race. Dwarfs exist, but seldom leave their halls. Eladrin keep to the Feywild. Elves can be seen in the forest which they rarely leave. Half Elves live among the humans, but are somewhat rare because the Elves are very picky about breeding with humans. Halflings have villages near waterways throughout the area, but they are well hidden and they are suspicious of anyone they don’t know and always ready to relocate. Dragonborn and Tieflings are not found anywhere.

Mortal spellcasters (Arcane Spellcasters) are almost unheard of, though a few do roam the lands they tend to keep this fact under wraps disliking the attention it brings (People asking favors or trying to kill them etc.)
Magical healing (Divine Spellcasters is not uncommon, but those blessed by the gods with this ability use it sparingly lest the gods grow weary of constantly granting these blessings.


Main Page

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